Multiple Teams · 2019 Saxon Baseball Rosters

Thank to everyone for their adaptability during tryouts this week. The snow days certainly did their best to get in our way!

Normally we’d prefer to have one-on-one conversations with individual players when making cuts, but because the snow days turned our 3-day tryout into a 2-day tryout, we needed to ensure that coaches had an opportunity to speak as a group, compare notes, and have discussions regarding team personnel decisions. Therefore,  if you have any questions regarding your not being chosen for the program this spring, do not hesitate to contact Coach Price to set up a meeting to discuss it.

The 2019 South Salem High School rosters are posted below. If you have a spot in the program today, be humble in your excitement. Understand that other people are getting bad news today. Work relentlessly to prove that you belong – not only on the field, but in the classroom and in your personal life. If you don’t have a spot in the program this year, be driven to prove the coaching staff wrong. Choose to work extremely hard, focus on your development, and tryout again in 2020.

For those who made a specific team, be aware that the team on which you begin the season may not be the team on which you end the season. Work hard, get after it, be successful, and let the rest fall into place.

Practice times for Friday:

Varsity: 2:50pm to 5:30pm (start on turf)

JV: 3:00pm to 6:00pm (start in the East Gym)

JV2: 2:45pm to 5:45pm (start in the East Gym)

Schedule: the schedule can always be viewed by following this link.


Varsity Roster

  • Danny Alvarado
  • Ricky Alvarado
  • Sean Alvarado
  • Ryan Brown*
  • Kaiden Doten
  • Elijah Enomoto-Haole
  • Noah Ferguson
  • Greyson Hanowell
  • Brett Matthews
  • Brayden Neuharth
  • Conner Robustelli
  • Chandler Walker

Varsity tryouts pending the conclusion of basketball season: Treyden Harris, Jaden Nielsen-Skinner, Jacob Winstead

JV Roster:

  • Connor Antone
  • Jason Bernal
  • Zach Case
  • Spencer Elliott
  • Avery Jensen
  • Gabe Johnson
  • Dustin Kunze
  • Jack Malloy
  • Tyler Minney
  • Andy Ruiz
  • Jackson Scott
  • Julius Scott
  • Nick Vandehey

JV2 Roster:

  • Hunter Downs-Getchell
  • Bricen Green
  • Tristen Herrera
  • Carsen Hobson
  • Ben Koonce
  • Camden McCool
  • Caleb Mitchell
  • Tanner Nichols
  • Andrew Norman
  • Mit Patel
  • Asa Phelps
  • Trevor Rojas
  • Hans Saris
  • Ethan Watkins