Boys Varsity Baseball · BASE Senior Spotlight: Avery Jensen

With schools moving to distance learning, and the 2020 baseball season officially canceled, we are spotlighting each of our six Saxon Baseball seniors. It’s no replacement for a season full of memories, a senior night, and playoff games, but in this new COVID-19 world in which we live, any celebration we can hold is worth having!

Fifth up is Avery Jensen!

Avery Jensen, Class of 2020

Favorite Saxon Baseball Memory: Hanging out before and after arm care three times a week. We grew individuality and as a team by being consistent. Weather it was workouts or pickup football we were always having a good time. Unless it was raining. Haha

What I’ll miss most about Saxon Baseball: My team. Also competition with myself and teammates.

Something you learned as a Saxon Baseball player: Consistency and how to not fight for myself, but my teammates.

What you hope people will remember about you as a Saxon Baseball player: Hard worker but most importantly a friend.

Who would you like to thank? Mom, Dad, John Case, Zach Case, Dave Johnson, Coach Price, Coach Pepp, Ricky Ward, Mike Lovely

What’s your best advice to Saxon Baseball players: Don’t take any moments for granted.

What do you plan to do next? I plan on working for my Dad wile I go to school to study the Bible in preparation to become a pastor.

Parting thoughts: Thank you Coach Price for being a players’ coach. You care more about how we develop as people than we do baseball players. You gave our program better everything and made baseball fun. I can’t say enough how much I’ve enjoyed my time as a Saxon Baseball family member. Thanks to my teammates for pushing me to be better as both a player and person. Thanks for an amazing 3.2 seasons of baseball!


A Word from Coach Price:

This is a particularly special group of seniors for me on a personal level, as I started coaching at South the same time they started attending South. So this is my first set of players who were stuck with me for all four years of their high school baseball career.


I’m not sure that it’s possible to find a nicer, more selfless human than Avery Jensen. I have a sneaking suspicion that – for as long as I coach at South Salem – we’ll never have a player as selfless as him. He has always been ready and willing to help the baseball program in whatever way possible, often taking charge when nobody else stepped up. I’m going to miss that. It’s a rare quality.

I’m sad that Avery doesn’t get his senior year. Here’s a guy who suffered some injury issues during his time in our program, and with a chance to go out his senior year and really do some cool stuff on the field, our season gets canceled. Beyond an arm injury that sidelined him for pretty much a full spring, he also took a fastball to the face during a summer ball game, and sliced a finger open at CTEC during tryouts week this year. Through it all, smiles and a willingness to help our program.

I am proud of the man that Avery has become, and I am already so proud of the father and husband he’ll be someday. He is a true family man, and that’s far more valuable than anything any of us could do on a baseball field.


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