Girls Junior Varsity Softball, Girls Varsity Softball · Softball “Senior Night” Alina “Ali” Miller

As we are in what would have been the last week of our regular season before the playoffs we were scheduled to play a home game against Sprague on Tuesday, May 19th.  This would have been our traditional Senior Night celebrating our three 2020 graduates to be.  Since Covid-19 has wiped out this season we still want to pay tribute to Alina “Ali” Miller, Ashley McKenzie, and Maliya “Mia” Reece.  It’s no replacement for a season full of memories, Medford, sleepovers, dance parties, team dinners, senior night, and playoff games, but any celebration we can hold is worth having. They each were dedicated players who’d worked very hard to prepare themselves for this season.  Each day we will hi-lite one of these outstanding young ladies.  We love you and wish you all the success as you move in to the next chapter of your life.
Tuesday: Ali Miller
Wednesday: Ashley McKenzie
Thursday: Mia Reece
Alina “Ali” Miller  #1
1. My favorite memory is last year when we played Aloha. When we were down 14-3 and fighting the 10-run rule. But during our final inning came back with 14 unanswered runs to give us the win.  
2. The thing that I will miss most about this softball team is my teammates. I love all of you and am glad that I have grown strong friendships with you guys. 
3. In this program I have learned to enjoy our team wins, when we come together and push our limits to get the win.
4. I hope people remember me as approachable and the kind of person to help build confidence and motivate you to push for always getting better. 
5. I would like to thank my parents and my coaches for pushing me to keep getting better and helping me see how far I’ve come since freshman year. 
6. My best advice would be to enjoy all of your experiences as they come. To make the most out of the time you have. 
7. I plan on continuing my education by attending OSU to study zoology in the fall. 
8. I am so grateful for deciding to play softball my freshman year. It led me to all of my amazing teammates and all of our memories. I will cherish these last 4 years in the program and will carry them with me forever.
Coach McCormick’s Comments:
Ali was a player that over her four years never wavered in her work ethic and dedication to softball. I remember after her freshman year borrowing one of our weighted balls to work with over the summer because she wanted to have the strongest arm in the outfield. I will remember her always questioning me on what she could do to get better or just spend time talking softball. One of the best teammates you could have.  You could always count on Ali to be there, help setup up equipment, talk up a player when needed, be in your ear to hit extra fly balls after practice, or just host the team sleepover before our road trip to Medford.  She was all about “Team”, doing whatever it took to make us successful. Ali is a great example of a true “student athlete” and I see her being successful in whatever field her life path takes her.  
Coach Sutherland’s Comments.  Ali Miller: As a softball player very fundamentally sound. Very good defensively. She was an example to other players through her hard work and the focus she brought to practice and games. But Ali leaves more of an impression on me as a person than a softball player. Outstanding character. One of the kindest, most pleasant, earnest players I’ve had the opportunity to coach. Extremely high integrity. Always a “team first” person. Really will miss her smile and positive attitude. There is no doubt that Ali will be successful in whatever she chooses to do in life. 
Comments from Alley Isaac:  Ali, I’m going to miss you so much, and I’m so glad I was able to shred the grass with you for the last three years! I’ll always remember you and your sun ball tricks!! Thank you for being such a good example, you will do great things! ❤️