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As we are in what would have been the last week of our regular season before the playoffs we were scheduled to play a home game against Sprague on Tuesday, May 19th.  This would have been our traditional Senior Night celebrating our three 2020 graduates to be.  Since Covid-19 has wiped out this season we still want to pay tribute to Alina “Ali” Miller, Ashley McKenzie, and Maliya “Mia” Reece.  It’s no replacement for a season full of memories, Medford, sleepovers, dance parties, team dinners, senior night, and playoff games, but any celebration we can hold is worth having. They each were dedicated players who’d worked very hard to prepare themselves for this season.  Each day we will hi-lite one of these outstanding young ladies.  We love you and wish you all the success as you move in to the next chapter of your life.
Tuesday: Ali Miller
Wednesday: Ashley McKenzie
Thursday: Mia Reece




Ashley McKenzie  #21

1. What is your Favorite Saxon Softball Memory?

Going to Medford junior year and bonding with my team in a different environment than we’re usually in. 

2. What will you miss most about South Softball?

Getting to watch the team grow and improve together, as well as getting to know the coaches. Also being able to cheer on my other teammates and see what we can accomplish with all the hard work we put in. 

3. What is something you learned as a South Softball player?

  That no spot or position is promised, you have to put in the work needed to have that spot or position. Your dedication has to be prominent to the coaches, and you have to show that your heart is in it. 


4. What would be something you’d hope people would remember about you as a South Softball player? 

I would want people to remember that I always tried to work my hardest, keep a positive attitude, and listen to the coaches feedback when they wanted to help me. I would also like them to remember me as the teammate that was there to make them laugh or smile when they needed it most.


5. Any people you would like to thank and reasons why?                                                                                                  

 I would like to thank all of the coaches for helping me along the way, my friends on and off the field for always supporting me, and my family for always pushing me to never give up, even when times were really difficult. I would also like personally like to thank Isaac, Ali, Jess, Mr. Howard, and Alivia for always being there when I doubted myself on the field, they always assured me that everything was going to be okay. Thank you guys! 

6. What’s your best advice to current and future South Softball players? 

If you really want it, fight hard for it. There are always going to be people who are better than you at something, but that doesn’t diminish your value. Work hard, listen to the coaches, help out your team, and be the best that you can be. 

7. What are your future plans?

In the fall I will be attending Western Oregon University to study ASL and Psychology in hopes to become a Rehabilitation Counselor, 

8. Any last thoughts or things you’d like to add?

Good luck to all the future players, and I hope high school treats you kindly. Never take any of it for granted, because you’re gonna miss all of it when it’s over.

Coach McCormick’s Comments. In the short time that we had Ashley two things stood out to me.  One, was her willingness to do anything we asked of her as a player filling whatever role we needed for the team and two, that she was a person of integrity and high character who persevered through some tough times.  I have a lot of respect for Ashley and know that she will succeed in life in whatever path her future takes her.
Coach Sutherland’s Comments.  Ashley: Very sorry we never got a chance to see her play as a senior. She paid her dues as a JV last year and deserved a chance to show us what she could do as a senior. Ashley went about her work with quiet determination and always gave 100%.What stands out the most to me about Ashley was when a coach asked her about her role and her response was “I just want to be part of the team.” I appreciate her willingness to be part of a bigger whole.” 
Comments from Alley Isaac:  Ashley!!! You mean so much to me, and I will always cherish our memories together on the field and on the stage! Congrats on getting into WOU, everybody will sure be ‘wou’-ed by you! Thank you for all you’ve done ❤️